John McClean Band, The

May 2011, 22 January 2012, 22 March 2013, 30 October 2015, various others which we've forgotten, DUH!

The John McClean BandJohn McClean is a local legend who plays mainly folk, blues and soul classics, both solo and in various incarnations of his band, sometimes called John McClean and the Clan, sometimes John McClean and Company – we think depending on how many family members are playing that time!

We were somewhat embarrassed to discover that we had been mis-spelling his name for years (the part that isn’t John, obviously :)).

John McClean was born in born in Wellington, New Zealand.

He formed his  first band around 1976, and has worked on many musical projects since coming to the UK with the “Early Days Blues Band” in 1998. He has performed worldwide at folk, Gospel,and bluegrass festivals.

John  is a highly acclaimed singer and guitarist who sings from the heart and has an extraordinary hold on an audience. His warmth and conviction exude from the stage whenever he plays.

“One of the best Blues voices to come out of NZ” – Alan Muggeridge, Rowan Studios, Taranaki.

John  has played at the Goose a number of times now, including a great headlining set at The Crown and Greyhound in 2013.

He has also played at our fundraiser for Dulwich Community Garden, and has become a staple of our stage on Goose Green at the annual Dulwich Festival  Fair in May,  rushing back from a blues festival where he plays every year to get to Goose Green in time to play!

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