Kevin Barber

Kevin  Barber

Kevin (K C) Barber is a singer/songwriter who plays guitar, slide guitar and mandolin. Original songs are mixed with classic covers and old-time country standards to create a non-genre specific catalogue.

Kevin has, for the last ten years, been the mainstay of the multi-instrumental duo Barber & Taylor and –  more recently –  the trio Barber, Taylor & Reed, whose trademark harmony vocals and understated arrangements have gathered a loyal following in the UK.

Kevin’s first solo album, ‘Cold Wind Blowing’ has been receiving strong reviews since its launch in 2012 and his current album, ‘We’ll see a Beautiful Day’ (2015) was also well received.

“Cold Wind Blowing is an album that’s worth taking some time to absorb, because its message grows stronger each time you decide to join K C in his thoughtful songs.”  – Folkwords

“Virtually every one of the ten songs is outstanding in its own way ……. This is an unassumingly absorbing release, one that’s unashamedly deserving of your close scrutiny and undivided attention.”      – Fatea.

We’ll see a Beautiful Day“: Stylistically his music circles around the area where folk meets Americana meets country, drifting more into one realm that the other as the songs demand. Most of the songs are simply delivered via voice and guitar, occasionally embellished by the subtle use of other instruments, such as fiddle. His fluidity across the genres gives him plenty of scope to alter both tempo and melody, keep the whole album fresh from start to finish. Similarly he’s done a great job in getting the album to flow as a whole. “We’ll See A Beautiful Day” is a good songbook and K C Barber a well worthy writer” – Fatea

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