Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear – and a RANT!!!

26/9/2014 | Sue Whitehead

Hmmm. Five months ago I said I may soon have a few spare minutes to update this blog.

Spare minutes? what are they? Clearly nothing I actually had at a time when updating the blog was uppermost in my mind.

Still – I shall use this spare minute now to have a RANT!!

As you can imagine, we are inundated with links and demo CDs from people wanting us to give them a gig. We listen to EVERY SINGLE ONE of them, even though this literally involves giving up whole days at a time to do so (apart from the ones we can listen to in the car – but we rarely drive anywhere!), and we do our best to then respond to everybody even when we don’t think they are right for the Goose.

We also try to be polite and diplomatic.

So we REALLY DIDN’T APPRECIATE IT when, having politely told somebody that they were “not suitable for the Goose” we got several emails of abuse including asking why we took months to tell him (YES! We’re busy! We have piles of CDs to listen to! We apologised for the delay!) and then, amongst other things, asking what else you could expect from  “provincial promoters who book people doing covers”. Eh?!

The thing was – this person was terrible. Not just not very good – laughably terrible. One where we look at each other with that OMG look. His was one of the few CDs which were binned instead of going into one of our famous raffle bags. His  CD was also badly presented, with no proper cover, and handwritten tracks scrawled on it. Many people probably wouldn’t even have bothered listening to it.


Rant over. Probably 😀

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