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Headliners at our Concerts

Our headlining artists at  concerts are usually relatively well known, and are usually booked via their   agent.

If you would like to headline at a concert, please send us your full details and a demo CD (contact us for the address!).

Please first click here to find out about the Goose’s music!

Please note that we usually start booking for the following year over the Summer.

Support Spots at our Concerts

With rare exceptions, we have two pre-booked twenty five  minute support spots at our concerts.

If you would like a support spot  and we don’t already know you, please send us  preferably a demo CD (contact us for the address!) or links to online tracks.

Please first click here to find out about the Goose’s music!

We prefer CDs  to links  not because we are technologically challenged (as if!) but because  we can listen to them in the car when we don’t have a zillion and one other things to do. If you send a CD we are more likely to listen to it within a reasonable time frame ……

Alternatively, if you live within easy travelling distance (or even if you don’t!),  come and do a floorspot at one of our club nights (see below), or come to one of our Singarounds, so that we can see you live. Several artists have gone on to get booked support spots (and even paid headlining spots!) this way!

Sorry, but for reasons which we are happy to explain to you, we can only pay our headlining artists. However  you’ll get free entry,  an appreciative audience, a chance to sell your CDs  and (if there is a big enough audience)  a couple of free drinks from the bar courtesy of The Ivy House!

We had a great animated picture here of people clapping, but sadly it has disappeared without trace, so here’s a picture of Kermit clapping instead 🙂




Folk Club Nights

Our club nights started off as being mainly for  traditional music (of any country or culture). However over the last few years we have gradually relaxed  our policy on this. Shock horror, we  sometimes have singer songwriters headlining now!

The  headliners at our club nights  are (usually) less well known than our concert headliners. We have changed venues several times, and when we were in a separate room away from the rest of the pub, we usually did not use PA.  We are using PA at The Ivy House, as although we are in a separate room, there is sometimes some noise from the rest of the pub.

Headliners at our Folk Club Nights

We have a headlining artist (or artists) on this evening, who  are paid for  two 45-minute sets.  Our aim is to give gigs to singers and musicians who we feel  are not yet well enough known  to headline our concerts.

If you would like to be considered for a headlining gig at a club night, please  preferably send us a demo CD (contact us for the address) or let us have links where we can listen to your music. A CD is usually likely to be listened to more quickly as we can play it in the car.

Please first click here to find out about the Goose’s music!

We may offer you an unpaid support spot at a concert rather than a club night headliner. Please don’t be offended if we do this – we only have nine club nights a year and we can’t give headlining gigs to everybody 🙁 We do quite often go on to offer support acts a future club night headliner.

Floor Spots at our Club Nights

We want to encourage up and coming singers/musicians, and particularly local talent.  Therefore we have twenty five  minutes of  floorspots before each of the headliner’s sets.

You will need to get there early – first come first served – and put  your name on the list at the ticket desk. The number of songs you will get to sing will depend on the number of floorsingers wanting to sing on any particular night. If there are a lot, you may only get one song.

If you want to sing at a club night, we ask that you are ready to sing and/or play in front of people who have paid for a ticket, and that you can do so without having your words with you! We also ask that you sing only folk or folk-influenced songs at our club nights (if you want to sing other genres, please come to our Singaround!) , and that you do not sing lengthy ballads.


If you want to ease yourself in gently to public performances, please start by coming to our Singarounds, which are more informal, very supportive  and  encompass people of all standards, including complete beginners and the completely terrified (join the club!), and where you are very welcome to sing from a songsheet (or phone)!

You can also sing anything you want, although many people do sing folk songs.

As there are usually a lot of people wanting to sing, we do however ask that you do not sing lengthy ballads, and also  do not spend a long time talking about the song before you sing it (let the song speak for itself!).

If you have any queries about any of the above, please contact us.