Peta Webb and Ken Hall

9 October 2009

Peta Webb and Ken HallPeta Webb, a Londoner with an Irish background, formed her highly-acclaimed individual vocal style through the influence of such Irish traditional singers as Sarah Makem.

She believes strongly in the importance of learning directly from traditional singers wherever possible, and has taken part in many collecting trips.

Ken Hall was originally much influenced by people like Bob Davenport, later developing an interest in the Northern Irish singing style of people such as Joe Holmes.

Peta and Ken got together to explore the rich sounds of acappella duet singing, drawing on American styles as well as the British and Irish traditions.They sing regularly at festivals as well as giving presentations and running workshops around songs and singing.

“Individually they are magnificent, together they are superb. They create a sound rarely approached in contemporary folk music” – Keith Summers, co-editor, Musical Traditions Magazine.

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