Reuben’s Train

28 February 2014

Reuben's TrainReuben’s Train are Mick Watson – vocals, and Keith Osborne – guitar, banjo and vocals.

They are a duo performing mostly American songs, some traditional and some not so traditional, from the darker side of life. They have been performing together for the last 15 years

The Goose came across them at Towersey. We were convulsed with laughter, whilst other members of the audience stared at us in horror.  We were therefore glad to find the following on Reuben’s Train’s website:

“After a nerve-racking first performance at the truly wonderful Sharp’s Folk Club, they began to realise that audiences were having a hard time working out quite how to react, with one half laughing and the other half telling them to be quiet.

They’ve never looked back.” 🙂

Click here to go to Reuben’s Train’s website!

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