Rob Anderson

23 January 2009, 19 March 2010, 2011, 28 February 2014, 26 February 2016

Rob Anderson

We are always absolutely delighted to welcome Rob back to the Goose, and this time it’s to support Kris Dollimore at The Ivy House. He supported Alasdair Roberts the first time Alasdair came to DHFC, and also headlined at Hoopers back in the day!

Rob hadn’t played in about 10 years when he was lucky (he says – we’re sure it wasn’t luck ….) to fall in with the Flynn Brothers when they were running shows at the Troubadour around 15 years ago, and as a result had the good fortune to work on the same tiny stage as a number of great singer/players when things were still pretty informal.

He worked with Wizz Jones a few times and Wizz asked him to play dobro for him at his 65th birthday at the Half Moon (Herne Hill not Putney, we presume – Sarf Lahndon, innit). Since then (according to Rob)he mostly plays to the cats in the kitchen. We think that’s the feline variety. Sounds like a great tune title actually 🙂 Or band name … maybe not ….

Rob says he tends to work over less known material written by other folks, in some sort of alt country/blues/folk soup, usually American in origin, and is “quietly looking for some other old farts who might like to get together and see what happens.”

Well never mind the other old farts, the Goose very much enjoys hearing Rob wherever and whenever he’s playing, and judging by the Goose audience reaction, so do you!

Rob is also heavily involved in The Wayne Drury Project .

Click here to hear Rob singing with The Wayne Drury Project!

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