Roger The Chorister

25 May 2012

We don’t appear to have a photo of Roger The Chorister, but hey we will try to find one! Nor can we find a website, youtube clips or indeed anything else ….. 🙁

We came across Roger The Chorister (no, we’re not going to ask how you came to choose that name, guys, frankly we don’t want to know ….) when they came and did a floorspot at the Mag in 2011. We thought they were good, so we booked them to support Martin Simpson at DHFC.

Here is what they say about themselves – erm, we have edited some of it …. actually, most of it, come to think of it …..

Roger The Chorister are Rachel Bridge (vocals and occasional bodhran), Royston Ford (vocals and occasional guitar), Richard Bridge (vocals and occasional guitar or mandolin or bodhran) and Sam Mathews (dumbec).

Their main emphasis is traditional(ish) English vocal harmony, with attitude.

We thought you would enjoy them and hey, you did!

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