24 February 2017


The name Rosewood may be a fairly recent one, but the  members of this trio have have been performers on the folk scene for some years and have played at major UK folk festivals as well as on the club circuit. Members of Rosewood have played or still play in  Bass Instincts, Bof!, Crownstreet, Harkeles, The Hosepipe Band and RSVP.

Rosewood are based in East Anglia. They  sing and play traditional and contemporary songs and instrumentals, some of which they have written themselves. Their unique features are the range of their source material and the array of  instruments they play. These include bandoneon, footbass, hammered dulcimer, bagpipes, bouzouki, and deskbells.

The members of Rosewood are:

Val Woollard
Bagpipes, Recorder, Flute, Hammered dulcimer, Desk Bells, Saxophone, Vocals
Phil Lyons
Guitar, Bouzouki, Vocals
Simon Haines
Melodeons, Concertina, Bandoneon, Hurdy gurdy, Footbass, Vocals

The band’s five-track, EP, Rosewood,  is  available from their website.

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