Saul Rose & James Delarre

30 September 2016

Saul Rose and James Delarre

OK, we have to fess up here. We have adapted (aka nicked) the following from a Spiral Earth review. Feel free to nick anything of ours, Spiral Earth! Within reason, obv. No cash 😀

Rose and Delarre are the backbone of so many bands!  James makes Mawkin unique,  and has lent his skill to  many of the best contemporary folk recordings. Saul is in every ceilidh band on earth as well as backing the Carthy dynasty and being a key member of Faustus.

The English Folk tradition is in these guys’ bones. Cut them in half and ‘folk’ would run through them like a stick of rock.  Both musicians have a solidly down to earth style. They have the ability to strip away the baggage and get to the parts of a tune or song that really make it tick. So their arrangements are bold and ballsy, yet have a delicacy about the playing that makes them really lively.


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