Seasonal Singaround

Sunday 12 December


7pm. Singing starts 7.15pm.


£5 on the door

Last food orders 6pm

Christmas Goose

Hooray, it’s Seasonal Singaround time again!

We will intersperse unison singing of carols and other seasonal songs with individual singing of (hopefully) seasonal songs.

Don’t worry, we will project the unison words onto a screen, Sue’s technical capabilities permitting – please forgive the swearing in advance :))  as she “turns the pages” too quickly or too slowly. At least there is nothing to drop – famous last words. Hope the laptop is robust. Hope she doesn’t spill her drink into it, as happened the only time she was allowed to DJ in public  🙁  Nygel’s laptop sort of exploded.

Let’s hope this year nobody thinks the Springhill Mining Disaster is a suitably festive song. ND we are looking at you (it was a long time ago, but we haven’t forgotten :)) )

There seem to be a lot of hopes in the above.  If you haven’t been before, don’t worry, it will be fun, it always is!

There will be mince pies! There may be other festive goodies! Hooray!

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