Shomething Wrong, Shurely ……

9/2/2014 | Sue Whitehead

We now have Google Analytics on our website, which means I can nosily look to see how many people are visiting the site and how they come to find it. I could before, but the stats we have now are more detailed.

I was a bit bemused to see that somebody landed on it as a result of putting the following into Google:

“Find a picture of my grandad, who lived in byker of newcastle upon tyne, who worked as a meatle (sic) worker”.

All I can think is that somewhere on the Goose site is a mention of Byker Hill (the song).

And the person in question must surely have been even more bemused ….. did he find a picture of his grandad, I wonder …..

Edited to add: I just put the same phrase into Google and nowhere did the Goose site come up, so now I’m beginning to lose faith in Google Analytics 😀


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