Shötley Crüe

27 November 2015

Shotley Crue

Shötley Crüe are Alison Craig, Andy Clark, Cathy Slater, John Seargeant, Mary Currie, Penny Letts and Phil Stevens, most of whose faces we are sure will be familiar to regulars at our Goose Singarounds.

They originally met through the Dulwich Folk Choir and began to sing sea shanties together at the Harwich Shanty Festival in 2014.

For the 2015 festival they stayed together in a cottage in the village of Shotley on the river Orwell in Suffolk, and spent the whole weekend singing shanties and sea songs together.

When they came back, they sang at our monthly Singaround and we really enjoyed their singing. So we invited them to do a set at our sea song and shanty night!

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