Spiers and Boden

15 October 2010

Spiers and BodenWhat can we say?

Well we don’t just book people who have won awards, we have to personally like them as well, and the Goose cup ranneth (?) over as we had been trying to get these two down to East Dulwich for ages.

We nearly succeeded once before, but our previous venue the East Dulwich Tavern (boo hiss) aka the EDT (boo hiss) refused to let us have the date (boo hiss) and then kicked us out completely anyway (boo hiss).

But hey, this was deffo worth waiting for!

John and Jon are also founding members of big-band folk phenomenon (it says here) Bellowhead, as well as having a long-term collaboration with Eliza Carthy as The Ratcatchers. Jon has also released sme excellent albums of his own contemporary indie songs which are definitely worth checking out if you don’t already know them, and also performs with  The Remnant Kings.

“Anyone who needs convincing that the current folk revival is becoming as intriguing, varied and experimental as it was back in the 1960s should check out the remarkable career of John Spiers and Jon Boden. In just a few years, they have established themselves as the finest instrumental duo on the traditional scene, and the contemporary equivalent of Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick” – The Guardian.

They now appear to be disbanding as a duo “for the foreseeable future”, so catch them while you can! (sorry if you are reading this too late 🙁  )

Click here to go to Spiers and Boden’s website!

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