Stew Simpson

12 September 2019 (with Hadrian's Union), 29 May 2020

Stew Simpson

Stew Simpson has spent the last 20 years exploring many styles in the music world, eventually settling in the folk world.

Last year, Stew  released his most recent work: Milk Man Son. This work is a reflection of Stew’s journey into Folk Music. Having started his music career in punk and grunge Stew found a place to communicate with his audience somewhere in the middle of traditional music, eccentric stage craft, and a touch of punk attitude that just wouldn’t shift.

As well as performing with his band Hadrian’s Union, who  EFDSS Magazine called “Folk Rock at its finest”, Stew is a wonderful solo singer, singing both his own songs and traditional acapella folk from the North East of England.

The multi-talented Stew has a degree in Fine Art and  his own youtube channel on cooking (Mouthful of Stew). He has recently written a book about children’s literature (“Jemimah and the Black Unicorn”) and  when he has time amongst these other pursuits, he has acting roles in TV and movies! He has also recently begun doing stand-up comedy!

Phew! Makes us tired just thinking about it!

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