Susan Wheeler

30 October 2009

Susan WheelerSusan came to the  Goose to support Alasdair Roberts.

We can’t find much info about her online – just loads of youtube clips of an  opera singer with the same name! – so if you find any links, please let us know!

To the horror of the nuns, Susan started singing country music in Dublin nightclubs at the tender age of 12, with her best friend Jane. Their plans to run away and support John Denver on tour failed but as soon as they could escape Loretto Abbey they headed for London to make their fortune.

Things didn’t go quite to plan and Susan found herself living in a squat in Peckham, prime suspect in a murder inquiry. Her innocence proven, she now lives with her family in South West London and her songs are inspired by her love of country music, her Irish roots, her chequered past and her hopes for her two sons, Lucian and Ryan.

In 2008 Susan went into the studio for the first time and recorded her 5-track EP “Dream Home”. Now she’s recording in Nashville!

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