The Goose singaround seems to be blossoming …..

22/2/2017 | Sue Whitehead

Crikey! Where has everybody come from?

Every time we’ve had to move our singaround, we’ve always worried that people won’t like the new place and that numbers will drop off.

Every time, luckily, this hasn’t happened.

But in the last few months, despite being in the biggest room we’ve ever been in (The Ivy House ballroom) lots of new people – including singers!!! – have miraculously appeared, and we have no idea where they have all come from! At the February singaround, we had to keep moving the ticket table back to get everybody in, and even then it was a squash.

For March, we will have to put the ticket table by the main door, which is a bit of a pain for the people who have to sit at it (ie us) as we’re not very near the singing. Hey ho. I’m sure it will all work out – it always does, somehow or other.

Keep on coming, people! We love to see new faces! (and old ones, of course, she says hastily …..)


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