Trains. And Singaround.

10/3/2014 | Sue Whitehead

Well, I remembered to check the train times  on Saturday. Trains were running. I aimed for a nice early one to get to my melodeon class in plenty of time.

The train arrived on time. Started off from East Dulwich. Then people started moving through the train saying the back of the train was on fire …… train stopped.

Long story short, I never made the melodeon class. Did get to read a bit of my new book during the two and a half hours we were stuck on the train “for our own safety”.

And yes, the train actually was on fire …. described by the driver as a “technical fault”  😀

So basically, Saturday was not great.

But made up for by a lovely walk in the park on Sunday followed by a fantastic Singaround, with old and new faces (and old and new songs). Thanks everybody!

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