Until The Bird

May 2013

Until The Bird

You may think that “Until The Bird” is an odd name.

So did we. Until we found out that their full name is “Until The Bird of the Soul Takes Flight From The Cage of the Body to Consort with the Nightingales in the Everlasting Garden”, at which point we completely understood why they sometimes shorten it ….

Takes deep breath ……

Listen, guys, no way were we attempting to announce your full name from the stage – then or ever!!!

“Until” (look, we can do the shortening thing too 🙂 ) is an acoustic alt folk trio  based in London. They craft something you haven’t ever quite heard before (unless of course you’ve heard them before), whilst remaining rooted in the musical history of these islands and further afield.

Led by singer, lyricist and guitarist Dave Hawkins, they supported Alasdair Roberts in splendid fashion (that was Nygel’s phrase 🙂 ) at The Crown & Greyhound in May 2013.

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